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Uniting, empowering, and advancing women-led firms

Our Pinklight programs offer resources, expertise, and support to help members launch their own firms and gain insight into the fundraising process. Programs include pitch support, on-demand courses, and cohort groups.

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Our Pinklight programs offer resources, expertise, and support to help members launch their own firms and gain insight into the fundraising process. Programs include pitch support, on-demand courses, and cohort groups.

Pinklight Propel

Advancing impact

Pinklight Propel is a members-only initiative that supports high-potential, women-led firms by providing trusted, closed-door feedback on pitch presentations from senior-level LPs and founding GPs.

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Propel alum represent >$4B in AUM


Firms Annually
PEWIN carefully vets applicants and supports at least 10 high-potential, emerging firms annually.


Firms Counseled
PEWIN has counseled over 40 firms, and our Propel participants have closed 30+ funds.


Pinklight Propel participants have funded over 250 women-led companies.
Pinklight Propel benefits

Honest insights to equip you for success

Pinklight Propel is a trusted network that equips women leaders with the honest insights they need to launch a successful firm. Selected participants receive confidential and constructive feedback on strategy, presentation content, and style and gain general marketing insight on the institutional fundraising process from a panel of senior LPs and founding GPs.

Pitch feedback

Receive confidential and constructive feedback on your pitch from senior-level LPs and founding GPs.

Founder toolkit

We provide important sample materials and vetted information about the fundraising process.

Ongoing support

Stay connected to the program after launching your fund with ongoing support and opportunities, including our cohort groups through Pinklight Circles.


Your firm is majority women-owned.

Propel participants have already started a majority women-owned firm but need support launching their fund.

You’ve been a PEWIN member for at least 6 months.

PEWIN members can nominate themselves or other members by submitting an application and their fundraising deck.

You’re ready to participate.

We assess readiness through an initial interview that reviews prior investment experience, referenceable track record, and presentation.

Pinklight Propel alum

We’ve leveraged the collective power and insight of PEWIN members to support these firms and their funds from 2017-2022







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Pinklight Labs

Empowering more

Pinklight Labs is a self-guided education program exclusively for PEWIN members interested in starting their own firms or better understanding the fundraising process. Our on-demand courses bring similar insights and learnings from Pinklight Propel to a broader audience.

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Pinklight Circles

Uniting all

We invite alum of both Pinklight Propel and Pinklight Labs to participate in Pinklight Circles, cohorts that keep participants connected long after their programs end and if/when they decide to raise another fund.

“Pinklight provided the candid and constructive feedback on our pitch and differentiation that is rare to find from LPs as a new manager. During the process, Artemis built an amazing network of women that had been in our shoes before and became some of our biggest champions. PEWIN is a first class network of which we are proud to be members."

Stephanie Campbell
The Artemis Fund (New York)

“A great experience getting hands on feedback on my pitch and deck from LPs and experienced GPs. Levelled up my pitch and helped to convince institutional investors and enable us successfully reach a final close."

Adesuwa Okunbo Rhodes
Aruwa Capital Management (Nigeria)

"Prior to speaking with investors, we had the opportunity to do a mock pitch with PEWIN members. These women have been in the industry for decades and have heard thousands of pitches; their feedback on our presentation and materials was very helpful."

Clare Murray
Blume Equity (Luxembourg)

"The Pinklight program was invaluable for the fundraising process. The interaction and feedback with highly experienced LPs was excellent and helped us improve our pitch and approach."

Ingrid Teigland Akay
Hadean Ventures (Norway)

"Pinklight provided direct, actionable, and valuable feedback on our pitch and value proposition. I'd recommend Pinklight to any emerging manager."

Elizabeth Edwards
H Venture Partners (Ohio)

"The quality and experience of the judges on our two Pinklight panels were incredible. They were engaged, creative and constructive and the feedback was invaluable."

Courtney Leimkuhler
Springbank (New York)

"I enjoyed the mock pitch very much, that helped refine how Marina and I told our story. Thank you for that experience. "

Soraya Darabi
Trail Mix Ventures (New York)

"We loved the meeting with the LPs. Their feedback was immensely helpful! I'm excited to continue our engagement with this wonderful, supportive group, and hopefully expand it with their help to more PEWIN LPs! We look forward to the next steps!"

Michele Colucci
DigitalDX Ventures (California)

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